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Welcome to BCUK the home of professional Bowen Therapy training in the UK.

Bowen College UK provides comprehensive and accredited training to become a Bowen practitioner in one of the most powerful healing modalities in the world.


BPTA accredited Certified Bowen Healthcare Therapist training,

and professional development courses to further enhance your skills.


In collaboration with top Bowen practitioners and instructors from around the world,

Bowen College UK delivers excellence

in holistic - body and mind integrated therapy - training and education. 

“At Bowen College UK we don’t train you to become technicians, we train you to become therapists in the Art and Science of Bowen therapy and how the mind plays an instrumental part in health. Bowen College UK is your key to unlocking a new healing modality.”

Please also check our online courses or email us for further information.

The home of professional Bowen Therapy education and training in the UK

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