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Jihan Adem – Founder of Bowen College UK

Jihan was lucky enough to experience the wonders of the Bowen Technique shortly after it was introduced to the UK in 1995.  This ignited in her a passion for the therapy which led her to become one of the first, and youngest, practitioner-teachers of Bowen in the country.  

Since then she has gained international recognition for her work, collaborating with some of the world’s top anatomy and physiology specialists to further her understanding of the human body.  

That said, the treatment Jihan initially experienced gave a surprising, immediate and profound effect. This led her to enquire further and then to train to be a therapist. Within the following years she really proved how versatile Bowen is in terms of its application for treating people with a myriad of presentations. Jihan continues to run a busy practice in Devon, whilst organising and taking part in national and international conferences and not just in the field of Bowen.

"The Bowen community around the world continues to grow every year. It is wonderful to see how it is developing over time. When we first met the technique back in the 90’s in the UK, most people had not heard of it. Now we have this college dedicated to achieving professional standards in therapy and education built on decades of experience from multiple tutors across multiple continents. Bowen is one of the most popular treatment modalities currently being learnt in the UK. For the relatively short amount of time it has been taught for, in comparison to ancient Chinese medicine such as Acupuncture for example, it is going from strength to strength and the number of practitioners training are so encouraging.

Having thoroughly enjoyed teaching Bowen for so many years now I have never fallen out of love with this modality. I also feel very passionate that the mind is respected as a valid place to start to understand the seat of someone’s disease. Yes, it is desperately important to have a good understanding anatomically of the structures that you’re working with, when performing treatment but it is also completely necessary to understand how the entire system works. Finally here in the UK, at Bowen College, we are able to present to you a system that looks at and teaches not only about how the body works and how the body responds to bodywork but also how the mind works -and opportunities to train in both arenas

Jihan’s clinical and teaching experience, the years she has taught, her dissection lab work and the huge number of other dedicated individuals who she has had the great fortune to collaborate with and learn from, come together now to create this place of wisdom. She is looking forward to sharing her passion and drive with you.

“Jihan’s calm, patient, gentle, no-ego enabling manner. Her twinkly humour, which encourages questions to be asked however ‘daft’ they may seem. Her depth of knowledge of anatomy is enviable! She kept the pace of teaching steady throughout the 2 days. I will look out for her courses in future.”


Dr. Manon Bollinger – Founder, Bowen College

Dr. Manon Bolliger helps her patients discover that health is freedom, not only on a physical level, but on an emotional, mental and spiritual level as well.

Recognised for her level of expertise, and passion for healing, she has become one of Canada’s leading classical homeopaths and BowenFirst™ practitioners. During the past two decades, Dr. Bolliger has helped thousands of patients, from all walks of life to heal themselves, ranging from rural farmers in Nova Scotia, corporate CEOs in Toronto to Tri-Athletes in BC.

Throughout her career, Dr. Bolliger has honed and diversified her skills, teaching and training students in health care and pain relief, while creating a healing movement that embraces symptoms, as opposed to fighting them. A collaborative doctor-patient relationship is key to her healing approach. She helps each patient understand the vital role they have to play in their own unique healing process, so they can go beyond the diagnosis, to experience true health.


BowenFirst Therapy serves as a vehicle to empower people in their own experiences through their bodies and their limitless capacity to transform and heal – all the while acknowledging their own contexts, their experiences and exploring their mindsets for health.


In 2007, she founded Bowen College, the first Canadian college of its type to embrace and enhance the legacy of Tom Bowen, offering Bowen therapy courses and certification, around the world. “Our purpose is to inspire and educate practitioners and the general public to trust in the wisdom of the body by offering an approach that is gentle, effective, and safe for pain and stress elimination.

Paula Esson - Tutor

Paula has 25 years experience ranging from National Basketball Coach, sports injury specialist, pain management specialist with the NHS and has been the creator of 5 large health centres Europe wide.


During the years the focus has been very much on innovation both in techniques and products for self-help. 22 years experience in delivering the Bowen Technique to students and new practitioners alongside very busy clinics applying the knowledge and passion on the ground. Invaluable for the learning experience.

Paula Esson.jpg

Over the years evolution has been the main driver, to be able to deliver the most important and researched hands on tools available and to advance the application and science of the techniques for the ones we already have. Increasing the depth and immersion. From here Safetomove was created after spending 5 years working in Iceland on neuroscience and the football teams. The focus on the lymphatic system, cell behaviour, immunity and general health became pertinent at this point and important alongside the effects of scarring and surgery on the human body.

"Thanks for a fantastic Lymphatic Bowen course! Four full treatments done yesterday & some excellent feedback already. Most people have the 'exit' door ajar or sometimes completely closed which hampers the outflow! This course gives you the means to open the doors."


Amanda Philipe-Savage - Tutor

Amanda Philipe-Savage has been caring for your wellbeing since 1994 from her Harrow clinic. Her life-long quest for better health and belief in energy healing led her to diversify and attain a range of training, qualifications and experience, creating a multi-disciplined practice. Amanda’s dedication to finding the root cause of dis-ease has benefited so many who have finally been able to eliminate their allergies and unresolved physical and emotional symptoms.

After experiencing the transformational results of just a few Bowen treatments, for various structural and stress related issues, Amanda decided to embark on a new journey and learn how she could help others in the same way. Just one course in to her training, Amanda was involved in a major car accident which left her with paralysis down the right arm, a lower spinal injury and severe concussion. With the support of weekly Bowen treatments, Amanda regained full function and mobility – against all the odds. She went on to share her success story a year later in 2012, when she qualified as a Bowen practitioner. Since then, Amanda has helped so many people of all ages, restore their physical health and mental wellbeing, through Bowen, Sports Rehabilitation Therapy and McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release Technique®. And, the journey continues by teaching you this amazing technique through the Introduction to Bowen courses.

She has Diplomas in Anatomy and Physiology, Aromatherapy and Massage, Diet and Nutrition, Crystal Healing and Chakra Balancing.  Amanda is also a Reiki Master and Teacher, and Mindful Meditation practitioner. In 2006, Amanda trained and qualified as an Advanced NAET® Practitioner and in 2010, she re-launched her range of natural aromatherapy products for the body.

“Amanda is a very kind, caring and powerful individual who is very attentive in understanding the reasons around individual needs. She always explains the treatment she offers and the possible outcomes … Amanda is more than a healer or therapist. She has been an ‘angel’ to my son, and I am eternally grateful that I found her.”

Introduction to Bowen Tutors

Jan Cafearo - Tutor

Jan has been practising Bowen therapy from her Shropshire clinic since 2006, and each year she falls more in love with this gentle treatment, and the way it gets to the root cause of a problem.


She qualified as a physiotherapist in 1981, but found that though she loved the hands-on work with her patients, working in the NHS was not for her, due to the lack of time to offer a holistic approach (treating the whole person, not just the bit that hurts).

Jan Bowen Tutor II.jpg

Since then she’s had a very varied work life with three main threads: health and wellbeing, teaching, and the environment. She has had many roles as teacher/mentor/counsellor, in numerous fields (physiotherapy, breastfeeding, food intolerance, English Language, Forest Bathing, environmental education, preschool, and now nature connection for wellbeing). 


Then, after years as a full-time Mum she witnessed a friend recover from severe Carpel Tunnel Syndrome with 3 Bowen treatments - something her physiotherapy background told her was impossible! She was intrigued, booked on the next course, and became absolutely hooked. She is still blown away by Bowen’s sheer effectiveness, with no side effects, and feels proud and privileged to be able to pass on her passion for this amazing skill.


“I would happily recommend anyone to use Jan’s Bowen expertise.  She is simply the most professional and effective therapist I have ever visited.  Her depth of knowledge together with an intuition that you cannot ‘learn’ is rare.  Having tried many different therapies over the years, only Jan’s Bowen has tamed the severe, debilitating migraines I had suffered from.”  

Helen Cooper.png

Helen Cooper - Tutor

Helen has always been fascinated with health and fitness so when she decided to change careers in 2002 Bowen Therapy ticked all the boxes.  


Being a highly effective and gentle therapy she has since helped people of all ages and backgrounds in her clinics in the south of England and, more recently, her new home in the Highlands of Scotland where she also runs holistic and outdoor adventure retreats.

As a life long learner Helen has studied several different therapeutic disciplines, however, Bowen Therapy is her first love as she has found it to be the most versatile and deeply profound treatment.   Her background in leadership and coaching in the Scouting Movement and various sports means she is highly motivated to pass her skill set onto others.  Her enthusiasm for meeting new people and running group sessions makes learning with her fun and engaging.


“Bowen Therapy changed my life and I’m passionate about encouraging others to learn more about the technique whether that be for use on friends and family or to become a fully qualified therapist themselves.  In fact my love of Bowen runs in my family as my eldest son has recently completed his training to become a Bowen Therapist, something I am extremely proud of.”


In her spare time Helen enjoys a range of outdoor pursuits including wild swimming.

Joanne Hewitt - Tutor

Joanne runs a highly successful Bowen practice in Durham in the North East of the UK. She is just as passionate about her work now as she was when she qualified in Bowen in 2004. 

Her professionalism, bubbly personality and enthusiasm, has encouraged many of her own clients to go on to train as therapists themselves, so becoming a Bowen therapy teacher was a natural progression for her.

Joanne Hewitt.jpg

She has a relaxed way of making people feel at ease in the classroom, making learning an enjoyable and fun experience and her passion for Bowen shines through. As well as teaching, Joanne loves being a guest speaker, giving talks and demonstrations about Bowen to local groups and societies.

At weekends Joanne treasures spending quality time with her family, especially with her granddaughters who have inherited her sense of fun and mischief and they love to emulate granny by doing Bowen therapy on each other, practicing yoga and singing along to Disney songs together.

“I think once you experience Bowen, you become a lifelong member of the love of Bowen."

Claire Bowen Tutor.jpg

Claire McCarthy - Tutor

Claire is a Sussex and London based professionally qualified Complimentary Health Therapist with over 20 years experience, and has treated clients with a wide range of conditions.


Over the years she has taught relaxing and beneficial therapies to post graduate practitioners as well as complete novices that have wanted to learn various modalities such as reflexology and now Bowen. Claire is one of the most experienced Bowen practitioners in the South East.

Her career in complimentary health began in 2002 when she trained in London, and soon after started working in Spain in Hotels and Spas as a reflexologist and massage therapist/body worker. This enabled her to gain a wealth of experience in treating people. She then worked in Doctor’s surgeries, Yoga retreats, Sports centres and Festivals gaining further experience in this field. In addition, after 4 years in Spain perfecting her craft, she returned to England to begin working as a tutor at a Massage training school, passing on her experience to other keen students, and teaching a variety of different styles of massage. Claire also ran her own practice in London where she spent time treating a wide diversity of people, such as expectant mothers, babies and children with physical or emotional issues.  Furthermore, she has alleviated the injuries of prize-fighters, footballers and rugby players, and brought relaxation to the chronically stressed.  

Eight years into her career as a therapist Claire began to suffer with debilitating pain in her lower back. After many sessions with Physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths the pain still persisted. Subsequently and fortuitously she was introduced to The Bowen technique which seemed to miraculously help her pain disappear.  Claire was so impressed with the results, she was inspired to then train as a Bowen practitioner herself, so that she could help others. Teaching Bowen has become a natural progression.

"I have attended two of Claire’s workshops, and after these I felt totally inspired and was thoroughly impressed. She is knowledgeable, intuitive and very patient. I wholeheartedly recommend Claire without reservation."

Laura van Tatenhove - Tutor

Laura qualified as a Bowen Therapist in 2009 and runs a busy practice in the North West. She discovered Bowen in a yoga class in the 90’s when a friend remedied a niggling shoulder with a couple of gentle Bowen moves.


Fifteen years later with a Masters Degree in Fine Art, a 2 year old daughter, four years experience as a Lecturer in Painting and 3 years working as a Remedial Massage Therapist, Laura returned to this Australian born therapy and trained to become a Bowen Practitioner.

Laura Van Tatenhove_edited.jpg

Her clinical experience, ongoing professional development courses (including several hands-on human dissection workshops), 25 years practising yoga and breath-work and creative work give her a unique perspective and understanding of the body.

Laura draws on her artistic skills and hands-on experience to create new ways of visualising and talking about the human form. She recognises that Bowen is both incredibly effective for a wide range of conditions and ailments but that it is also a wonderful tool for understanding and connecting with our bodies more deeply and with greater ease.

As well as her Bowen practice and teaching, Laura is interested in researching how anatomy has been depicted by artists and medical researchers over time. Since 2011 she has been creating a series of anatomical sculptures and drawings and more recently, with the help of Arts Council funding, is developing a performance and visual work that brings together dance, painting, film and the Bowen therapeutic touch.

 CPD Tutors

Rebecca Ellis.jpg

Rebecca Ellis - Tutor

Rebecca is an Acupuncturist, Bowen therapist and Yoga Teacher with two decades of practical and professional experience. 


Rebecca has been heavily involved in sport, exercise and movement from a young age and has competed nationally in aquatic sports & athletics. Her first degree was in Health & Exercise science. 

Soon after, her focus shifted towards the rehabilitation and therapeutic aspects of health, injury and pain management, gaining a degree in Chinese Medicine. She has been practising acupuncture internationally for the past 12 years, working alongside some of the most respected practitioners within the field.

Rebecca is a yoga teacher, therapist and teacher trainer and uses mindful movement practices as part of a holistic treatment package offered to her clients. She also continues to train in different modalities including Bowen, for optimal patient results.

Now, having detoured from traditional training systems, she strongly practices what she preaches by gaining the most benefit from a variety of movement based practices including dance, capoeira, Taiji Quan, primal and functional movement patterns.

"And throughout all of your teaching, your professionalism, skills and dedication were truly inspiring, as was your warmth and compassion"

David Howells - Tutor

David has taught The Bowen Technique since 1996 in both the UK and abroad, he is one of the most experienced teachers and busiest practitioners in the UK.

David Howells was born in South Wales and grew up on his family’s farm. He initially began his career in agriculture and in 1979 he qualified as a

David Howells.png

teacher in further education at Birmingham University. Expanding his teaching into other agricultural and further educational colleges he eventually gained the post of Director of Agricultural studies at an Oxford college.

After sustaining a number of sports injuries, David began to seek alternative treatments to orthodox medicine. He initially found it in Chiropractic treatment, which gave him considerable relief and awakened his curiosity in complementary healthcare. A chance meeting with the principal of the Oxford College of Chiropractic cemented his interest and resulted in him successfully completing a four year diploma course in Chiropractic and setting up a practice.

In 1994 David’s career path diversified again when he trained in The Bowen Technique. He discovered that the Bowen approach of treating the whole body, and not just an isolated area, facilitated extremely effective results. He was impressed that Bowen’s methodology alleviated a whole host of physical problems ranging from acute injuries to chronic and long standing conditions.

He was also integral, along with his wife Birgitte, in setting up The Tom Bowen Legacy Trust Fund in the U.K in 2010. The Tom Bowen Legacy Trust Fund was formed to support children with disabilities, offering help to children who have received Bowen Therapy treatment and providing gifts of electrical and mechanical equipment to enhance their quality of life.

Margier Sigurdsson.jpg

Margeir Sigurðsson - Tutor

Margeir first studied as a Cranio Sacral Therapist in London the mid 1990’s. 

He naturally progressed to teach this technique and taught for many years in Iceland. In 2003 he expanded his skillset first learning the Bowen Technique in the UK and then went on to establish and teach the Bowen Technique in Iceland as the country's first Bowen Instructor.

More recently Margeir has moved to Denmark. He has used his many years of practical hands on experience with clients and has combined the understanding given by practising these two great treatments to bring a ‘cranial’ insight into what we do when we perform Bowen.

Margeir’s teaching style is relaxed and informative. Class delegates are always given ample time to have plenty of practice time and also time to explore in a flexible fashion.

"Margier is a fascinating and engaging teacher and the course gave me new ideas, new ways of thinking about and feeling a treatment, and lots of ways to incorporate this work into my current practice. Highly recommended!"

Gary Carter 

Gary  has over 30 years of experience in movement physical training, anatomical study and bodywork practices. With a background in athletics, competition cycling, bodybuilding, martial arts, yoga and manual therapies, he himself has studied with many inspiring teachers. trainers and masters in their fields.  

From this background he has created his own unique way of working and ‘seeing’ which he incorporates into his teachings, trainings and practices, where  students learn techniques and methods of training that bring long term results to the feel, movement and look of the body.


This has culminated in a movement Training called ‘Myofascial Movement Training’; this training has profound effects for movement professionals of any modality, including Team GB athletes. Gary started the Natural Bodies Centre in 1991 to teach, train and encourage kinesthetic awareness.  Fascial Movement practices ease of movement, efficient body use in exercise, sport and many movement disciplines which can bring a renewed sense of health and vitality into everyday life through revolutionised personal training techniques, Yoga, Pilates, Gyrotonics, Martial Arts and Fascial Movement practices.

After graduating with the KMI school in 2001, Gary co-taught with Tom Myers on Anatomy Trains courses in the UK and USA. He has studied in Shiatsu, Chi Kung & Chi Ne Tsang, CranioSacral Therapy and Yoga Teacher Training, along with Dissection studies with Gil Hedley and at the Institute of Anatomy in Vienna with Todd Garcia.

Over the past 15 years he has lectured in Movement Anatomy and Fascial Anatomy for Yoga, Yoga teacher trainings, Pilates teacher trainings and massage schools, Hospital Physiotherapists, Dance Trainings and Martial Arts trainings all over the UK and Ireland. He has also run several Yoga teacher trainings and continues to run his highly acclaimed Anatomy & Myofascial yoga and Pilates courses in England, Scotland, Ireland and Europe.


Andrew Zaranko

Andrew Zaranko is passionate about dentistry.

Andrew Zaranko has been the head of his practice since 1990 working predominantly in the North East of England with a wonderful team of staff.

He has attended post graduate courses around the world with some of the top names in both dentistry and biomechanics. His keen interest in occlusion led him to the workings of the temperomandibular joint (jaw joint) which was key to the expansion of his knowledge.

Andrew’s ongoing learning about the body both in whole body systems biomechanically and the relationship between the teeth, the head and the connection to the human body lead to an unusual wealth of knowledge in one individual. It isn’t often you will find a dentist so dedicated to understanding the impact that moving a single tooth will have on the human body that he has also trained as an Amatsu practitioner to enhance his tactile skill set and his ever increasing breadth of knowledge.


Andrew is a member of the following organisations:

  • British Dental Association – past local chairman

  • British Orthodontic Society ~ British Society of Occlusal Studies

  • British Society for Study of Cranio Mandibular Disorders

  • Past Alumni member of the Dawson Academy

Gus de la Querra - Tutor

Born and bred in Cape Town, South Africa, Gus has been involved in the health and fitness industry for over 35 years. As qualified personal trainer, he relocated to the UK in 1999 where he was introduced to bodywork.

After qualifying as a sports therapist, Gus discovered The Bowen Technique. He fell in love with how amazingly effective it is as therapeutic tool, so much so that he became a tutor with the College of Bowen studies where he successfully taught many practitioner over a number of years.

Gus de la Querra.jpg

The last 17 years has seen Gus discovering the freedom that Bowen has to offer and since 2019 whilst also running a busy practice, Gus has been traveling back and forth to Iceland, immersing himself in the neurological-based technique P-DTR whilst also becoming a tutor in the Mcloughlin Scar Tissue Release Technique®


Gus is a continuing professional development training provider through his business The Body Rewired.

"Simply Vagus...simply amazing! A must do CPD course for any bodywork practitioner. Perfect foundations before carrying out any modality or as a stand-alone. Thank you Gus! ”

The home of professional Bowen Therapy education and training in the UK

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