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Introduction to B   wen 

Our Reboot your Body Introduction to Bowen course is a two-day workshop, where you will learn the Bowen 'move' and how to give a whole body treatment. 



the start of your Bowen journey 

This course is the perfect introduction to the art and science of Bowen Therapy. It is also the first step towards our Certified Bowen Healthcare Therapist (CBHT) training programme which is the most comprehensive Bowen Therapy training qualification in the UK.

Everyone is welcome, no prior experience of bodywork or knowledge of anatomy is required but if you do already have a pre-existing professional healthcare qualification, we can utilise that experience on this course.


If you would like to experience our Bowen Training before committing to the full CBHT programme, this course is the perfect starting point.

The content of this course is free of contraindications and can be used in an informal setting for friends and family immediately 

The workshop will cover how to give a whole body Bowen treatment as well as instruction on how to treat people in varying circumstances. We will build on these initial foundation moves if you proceed to the CBHT qualification. 

*If you do choose to progress we will deduct £299 from your CBHT course fee.

Please note that completion of our Introduction to Bowen workshop is not a professional qualification to practice Bowen as a therapist.

Instructive, inspiring & educational


What is Bowen?

Bowen is a simple but highly effective form of bodywork that encourages parasympathetic innervation (a function that allows the body to relax, rest and importantly, repair).

During a treatment, the Bowen move is applied to the body with very gentle pressure of either the thumbs or fingers.

Together with deliberate pauses within the treatment process, Bowen therapy allows the body’s own innate healing response to become part of the treatment process.



With Bowen, you can experience a technique that is designed to help you quickly overcome the challenges of varying stressors, keeping you from having a relaxed body and mind. 

These could include but are not limited to helping people suffering from:​

  • Muscular-skeletal ailments and injuries

  • Hormonal changes and menopausal symptoms

  • Decreasing energy levels

  • Minor injuries, such as sprains and strains

  • Poor sleep patterns or breathing disorders

  • Chronic pain or illness

  • Restless babies

  • Aches and pains from sports or exercise


Take the first step to increase and maintain the wellbeing of your family and friends by learning one of the most effective methods for helping relieve pain, chronic illness and improving overall health.

​Simple and effective technique


Our Tutors

Each of the tutors within Bowen College UK have been qualified as Bowen therapists and in successful practice for a minimum of 10 years before teaching.

They each run their own
 Bowen clinics around the UK and Northern Ireland treating a wide range of people.
Each brings to the team their own specialist area of interest and expertise. 


They are passionate about sharing Bowen Therapy and each brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every workshop they teach.

Friendly, approachable and encouraging, they will ensure you have a great learning experience.

“Really enjoyed this course.
Very informative and interesting. Thank you. Kind and really helpful tutors who tailored needs to individuals."

R. Hobin

“The workshop offered a learning experience which was professionally run. The tutor was a very real, lovely guide through this fascinating course.

Linda Martin 

"The workshop was taught at a great pace. It was very informative, with plenty of time for our questions. I enjoyed it very much"

Amanda James

What our students say about the course


*If you do choose to progress we will deduct £299 from your CBHT course fee.

The home of professional Bowen Therapy education and training in the UK

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