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Practical Safeguarding for Therapists

Protecting Your Clients and Yourself

A Workshop for All Therapists & Therapy Students

Why does safeguarding matter?

Safeguarding is simply about keeping people safe from harm and looking out for anyone who may be at risk of abuse.

In the UK, almost 2 million people face abuse each year, and so, as a therapist, you will encounter individuals affected by this.


Would you recognise signs of abuse in your clients?

Would you feel confident in listening, recording and reporting a safeguarding concern?

"Before the workshop, I had no idea that there were so many types of abuse and how many people were affected in some way. Attending this workshop made me realise I had probably overlooked warning signs in my clients. I now feel confident about what to be aware of, what to do when I have concerns and who to contact."
                                                                                                                                    Jo S, Bowen Therapist


It is very easy to avoid taking action, as for many, this issue is not comfortable to approach and you may be anxious about discussing it. But you have the potential to be the difference-maker in someone's life.

Our training empowers you to discern these issues and take meaningful action. Safeguarding isn't just a task for a select few; it's a responsibility shared by all and as therapists, we have a professional responsibility to protect our clients.


It will enable you to understand the impact you can have, by learning to recognise and respond to safeguarding issues in your clinic.

This course will enable you to:

  • Understand what safeguarding means and why it is so important to your practice

  • Understand what can make someone vulnerable or at risk of abuse

  • Recognise the wide range of  indicators of abuse and neglect in your clients

  • Understand your responsibilities


  • Learn how to speak to your clients in this situation

  • Know what to do if you have concerns or someone discloses abuse

  • Know who to contact and understand the process of reporting concerns 

  • Understand the importance of keeping accurate records

  • Learn how to take appropriate notes

  • Recognise the impact of these issues on your own well-being 

  • Know when to seek advice or support

The presentation will be accompanied by detailed course notes with an index of resources.


Bowen College UK is always striving to raise the standards Bowen Therapy Education in the UK and is the only organisation to offer this type of training, specifically for therapists. 

We also believe it is essential for all therapists who work with children or vulnerable adults to obtain a DBS check or equivalent.
This course will show you how to do this. 

This course is open to all Bowen Practitioners and is equally applicable to  physical therapists of all modalities.

On completion of the course and receipt of your DBS check, you will receive a Bowen College UK seal of approval for your practice.


Valuable CPD that could change the life of someone in your practice.


Bowen College UK has created a 3.5 hour interactive online workshop.   Delivered by Retired Police Detective Suzanne Holder of Devon and Cornwall Police, and Jihan Adem, Founder of Bowen College UK

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