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What is B   wen?


simple and effective technique

Bowen is a type of hands-on therapy that uses very gentle pressure to stimulate the body to ‘reboot’ itself.

During a treatment, the Bowen move is applied to the body with very gentle pressure of either the thumbs or fingers. Together with deliberate pauses within the treatment process, Bowen therapy allows the body’s own innate healing response to become part of the treatment process.


With Bowen, you can experience a technique that is designed to help you quickly overcome the challenges of varying stressors, keeping you from having a relaxed body and mind.

These could include but are not limited to helping people suffering from:​

  • Muscular-skeletal ailments and injuries

  • Hormonal changes and menopausal symptoms

  • Decreasing energy levels

  • Minor injuries, such as sprains and strains

  • Poor sleep patterns or breathing disorders

  • Chronic pain or illness

  • Restless babies

  • Aches and pains from sports or exercise


different from other techniques

Bowen stimulates cellular and nervous system communication, reaching the deeper tissues and organs, promoting the bodies innate ability to heal.

Gentle in its nature; this technique can be performed without concern of harm, leaving the client feeling relaxed and renewed. Clients often report symptoms of physical detoxification and emotional clarity.

Treatments are performed once a week, to give time for integration to take place, and/or until recovery is achieved.

Bowen is suitable for people of all ages and for continued maintenance of health.

reboot your body

Bowen is one of the strongest, fastest and most effective modalities for treating people with pain.


The first treatment is actually a “Reboot” treatment, which enables the body’s different programs to “re-start” and align. As Bowen is not purely a “physical” therapy, it integrates mind-body connections.

The Bowen experience is subtle, relaxing and healing and prompts the body to reset, repair and balance itself.

Certified Bowen Healthcare Therapist

how does bowen work?

With gentle pressure using fingers and thumbs, rolling-type moves are made over specific areas of the body. This activates nerve bundles underneath muscle and other densities of soft tissue, to stimulate the superficial fascia - a matrix of proteins that creates our body's form, and is a conductor for cellular communication. The body responds by encouraging the fascia to become more mobile, thus increasing the flow and function of all systems including the brain, local sensory nervous system, blood circulation and lymphatic system.

Through increased lymphatic drainage and improved circulation, vital nutrients are able to reach injured tissue and reduce painful swelling. 


Bowen also breaks dysfunctional pain loops that continuously fire, even where there is no longer any evidence of tissue damage.

The Origins of B    wen


"I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again."

Stephen Grellet 1773 – 1855

Thomas Ambrose Bowen (1916-1982)

Tom Bowen of Geelong, Australia, was a quiet, reserved and enigmatic man with an uncanny gift for healing. By the mid 1970’s, Tom’s reputation had spread and his clinical skills in his ‘Bowen Therapy’ were in great demand. In 1975, Tom was treating an astounding 13,000 people per year. Tom was not only a healer, but a gifted teacher, truly generous with his gift.  He chose not to claim or copyright any of his work, but taught a number of students with the hope that his technique would grow and spread around the world.


Tom did not ‘teach’ his work to anyone but rather gave permission for people to witness treatments he performed in the treatment room. Each person that came to learn from him would create their own interpretation of his work through what they saw at that time and in that place.

Tom never saw his work as a finite modality, but rather as a work in progress. His vision remains intact through the continued refinements and adaptations of his work by Bowen practitioners around the world.

We are grateful for the influence of Ozzie Rentch’s and Romney Smeeton’s interpretation of Tom Bowen’s work, clinical practices pearls from Gene Dobkin, Ron Phelan, Graham Pennington and John Garfield and insights shared from colleague Bowen practitioners.

Our interpretation of Bowen is aligned to the healing principles of medicine from Dr. Samuel Hahnemann and further interpreted by Dr. Andre Saine.


Our approach encompasses a collaborative effort with an insight into the workings of fascia by Dr Robert Schleip founder of the Fascia Research Society and Craniosacral work; Dr. Hamid Tajbakhsh’s training in Kinesiology and his unique advanced understanding of Chinese medicine.

The home of professional Bowen Therapy education and training in the UK

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