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As a qualified Bowen Therapist, we have a wide range of courses that you can attend to expand your knowledge and enhance your practice.

These two day classes are open to anyone who has completed their CBHT certificate (or equivalent from other colleges) and who want to continue with their Bowen-related education.

The courses are lead by wonderful instructors from around the globe, all experienced and ethical professionals in their field.

There is also an option to register your interest by completing the form below. Please let us know where you are so we can bring the training closer to you. And, if you have or know of a group of Bowen therapists that would like a bespoke workshop delivered to them, we can make that happen.

Continuing Professional

Cranio Bowen - Margeir Sigurðsson

Craniosacral Therapy is a subtle and profound healing form, working with the rhythmic tidal motions of cranio sacral fluid within the body. 

This workshop will teach you to identify these rhythms and how to use Bowen moves, inspired by Cranio-Sacral principles, to facilitate changes in areas of restriction.

Bowen College UK Cranio Bowen Course

The course will include detailed instruction on palpation for cranial rhythms and how and when, influencing the body from a cranial perspective is useful within a Bowen treatment.

As a result of this training, practitioners will be given instruction on how to work with clients presenting with conditions such as blocked sinuses, headaches, whiplash or following a stroke.

In addition you will be learn how to:

  • Increase effectiveness of pineal gland

  • Increase flow of fluid around the spine and brain when it is restricted and how to know

  • Impact and increase immune system function

  • Aid the realignment of teeth

This is course is accredited by the BTPA and The Bowen Association.

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"I feel grateful and privileged to meet Margeir. A brilliant teacher with an amazing presence."


Dissection Course - Jihan Adem/Gary Carter

In-person dissection lab courses with Jihan Adem* and Gary Carter. Open to movement and manual therapists, this course is ideal for professional therapists wishing to explore human fascia through movement and dissection.

This immersive experience over 5 days will give you first hand insights into the human fascial network both through embodied movement practice and exploration in the lab. Our home for these extraordinary courses is the Plastinarium home of the BodyWorld exhibits in Guben, Germany.

Gary and Jihan will guide you through 5 days onsite (Sunday afternoon through to Friday midday) including introducing you to the unique venue that is the Plastinarium – home of the world famous Body Worlds exhibits. As we progress through the week you will be able to see the intricate work of the teams that create the plastinated forms for medical and artistic presentations throughout our time there as they work. The dissection, meeting and movement rooms for us are at the heart of this extraordinary venue in Guben, Germany. This will be our working home for the week where we will eat, sleep, dissect and create connections!


You can choose to stay onsite or offsite (full accommodation details on application).  Arriving Sunday gives time to settle in and meet over an informal supper onsite within the accommodation section of the Plastinarium. Taking this opportunity to meet as a group means that we will indeed hit the ground at a fine pace the following day. On Monday morning we will start the day with a private group tour of the Plastinarium where you will be introduced to details of the Plastination process from start to finish. After some time to orientate ourselves within the complex, introductions and lunch we will then make our way to the lab. There will be a chance to explore tissue (if this is your first time dissecting) and take part in small projects within the week with the aim of giving you the experience of witnessing the continuity of form.


Evenings can be spent relaxing onsite or venturing into Guben and Gubin (Poland) to visit various restaurants that are all walking distance away.


To apply simply choose the course date you are interested in. Each course can be taken independently. On successful application, full course details will be sent to you including details on transport links to and from the venue from Berlin airports, accommodation options on and offsite .


More details coming soon but please do register your interest as course places are limited! Investment: £1,985.00


Gary and Jihan originally met in the dissection lab at Imperial College London then later at St Andrews University, Scotland. They have worked in and around labs together for over 15 years. Their most recent project together has been the incredible becoming of the fascia focussed human plastinate FR:EIA as members of the Fascial Net Plastination Project – a collaboration of an international team of scientists, anatomists, professors, physicians, physical therapists, movement educators, bodyworkers, acupuncturists, and dissection experts from around the world.

Due to the ever changing situation of the pandemic – please research your own personal entry requirements to Germany.
Click here for the latest link the UK news.

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Exercise and Rehabilitation - Jihan Adem/Rebecca Ellis

This workshop is designed for you to prescribe corrective exercise programmes to support your clients in moving from a place of pain to enhanced movement and function.


Bowen College is excited to bring you this workshop for Bowen therapists who would like to understand the important role of exercise and movement in both accelerating the healing process and preventing injuries from reoccurring.


This course has been born out of the desire for Bowen Therapists to be able to prescribe functional movement patterns that, alongside Bowen treatments, will speed up your clients’ recovery times and give you, the therapist, a strategy to help your clients become more proactive in between treatments.

You will look at how structuring a progressive exercise routine can further enhance clients’ gains in mobility, flexibility, strength and general wellbeing. workshop for any Bowen based therapist who would like to understand the important role of prescribing exercise for both accelerating the healing process and preventing injuries from reoccurring.


This course is accredited for CPD by The Bowen Association UK and BTPA.

This course is a pre-requisite for the forthcoming TMJ, Sleep and Breathing (The Dental Module).

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“Everything was very clearly explained and demonstrated and I feel confident to be able to plan a rehabilitation exercise plan.”

Lymphatic Bowen - Paula Esson

In this one day workshop we will explore and take and adventure around the lymph system whilst giving you ideas, understanding and logical sequences to apply for your clients, adding to your possibilities and results.​


A lymph system that is not properly functioning is able to trigger unexplained aches and pains all around our bodies. ​The work will also be useful for all types of swelling, fluid retention, inflammation, sinus problems, and a great assistant to scar work.


A lymphatic workshop designed especially for Bowen practitioners.

“This work has added a whole new dimension to my treatments. One client's breathing immediately improved after adding this work to the treatment. You are definitely onto something here.”

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McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release - Paula Esson

The McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release Technique ® (MSTR®) is a fascinating advancement in the treatment of scar tissue and is changing people’s lives.

Recent research at the Newcastle Clinic under ultrasound showed and documented clear changes in scar depth, width, adhesion, vascularity, lymph movement. It was also possible to documents changes in mood states and other long term affects the scar has on health. Multiple small scars can also change movement patterns, pain signalling and the experience of pain for the individual. Even though they may appear insignificant.

  • Head wound scars

  • Mastectomy scars etc…

  • Amputation scars

  • Underlying scar tissue from laparoscopic surgery​

​This workshop is provided for healthcare professionals who wish to add this unique, and effective evidence-based treatment technique to their therapeutic ‘toolbox’.

MSTR® is used for:

  • Caesarian section scars

  • Hysterectomy scars

  • Spinal surgery scars

  • Trauma scars such as those typically found on the knee


  • Client handling and intake forms

  • Practical applications including underlying scar tissue work

  • Practice work – lots of time to get it right!

  • Additional ways to use MSTR – practical demonstrations

  • Chiropractors

  • Yoga teachers

  • Osteopaths

  • Rehabilitation therapists

  • Pilates instructors

Success has also been reported with burns scars in some instances!

​It is a method that is easily learnt if you already have qualifications in any form of bodywork and is being used effectively worldwide by:

  • Physical therapists

  • Massage Practitioners

  • Midwives

  • MLD practitioners

  • Bowen Practitioners

In fact ANYONE who is involved in health and well being!

The 8 hour classroom day will include:

  • Functions of the skin

  • Scar formations and its effect on the body

  • Emotional/psychological aspects of a scar

  • Indications and contraindications


  • Certificate of Proficiency

  • Free Worldwide Practitioner listing on the MSTR website

  • Back up if you need help/advice with a client/patient

Included in your course fee:

  • Assessment of written paper and case studies.

  • “Approved Practitioner” logo for your literature, website, etc…

  • Free promotional videos for your website and

       social media platforms.

Prerequisites to certification:

  • 8 Hour classroom tuition

  • Answering a 20-question on-line test paper.

  • Submitting 5 case studies to demonstrate competency

Two Day Practitioner
                          Development Course - Jihan Adem

On this Two Day Intensive Course you will have time to refresh and update your practical hands on skills and also have time to specifically discuss topics relevant to us as Bowen Therapists.

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This is a practitioner workshop but with the added benefit of a fresh perspective!

For 2022 onwards, Jihan will bring you the latest in Fascial research as a pioneering member of the Fascial Net Plastination Project based in Guben, Germany, where she was involved in the creation of the world's fascial focused human body plastinate FR:EIA This was a project in partership with Fascia Research Society and Body Worlds.

You will receive a CDP certificate and have the chance to look through a selection of the course notes that are used for our comprehensive training to become a ‘Certified Bowen Healthcare Therapist’.

“Great Day with inspiring new ideas, I will be putting into practice tomorrow!” 


Simply Vagus - Gus de la Querra

The Vagus Nerve - Because the body can’t heal while in stress-mode.


Who is this workshop for? Anyone interested in their own health and wellbeing. The content is both practitioner- and self-help based. So whether you want to help others, or help yourself, this one’s for you!

The Vagus nerve. Our “wandering” nerve. The tenth cranial nerve (CN X).

Traditionally, our Vagus nerve has been seen to only be responsible for our rest, digest, and repair functions. Turns out there’s a bit more to it than that.

For example, overstimulation of this nerve can create serious health issues.
The optimum functioning of this nerve is key to our health – physically and mentally, and longevity.


What you will learn:

  • Anatomy of your vagus nerve.

  • Your vagus and digestion. 

  • Your vagus, inflammation & immune health. 

  • Your vagus and cardiovascular health.

  • Your vagus and social engagement – the Polyvagal theory.

  • How to test and identify problems with vagal tone & function.

Course manual included.


  • Atlas/Axis (C1/C2) reset

  • Suboccipital release

  • Neck release

  • TMJ/jaw reset

  • Tongue/Hyoid release

  • Hiatus hernia reset

  • Diaphragm release

  • And more…

“I can highly recommend the Vagus workshop; using these new skills and knowledge alongside Bowen and particularly Lymphatic Bowen is having some amazing results for my clients. They also love having easy, take home exercises to do”

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