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Introduction to B   wen
Reboot Your Body

Our Introduction to Bowen course is a two-day workshop, where you will learn the Bowen 'move' and how to apply it in a whole body treatment. These core skills will enable you to help your family and friends, including children, to enhance their wellbeing.

Completion of our Introduction to Bowen is not a professional qualification to practice Bowen as a therapist.


simple and effective technique

Join us on a short course to experience learning a technique that is designed to help you quickly overcome many day to day stresses and strains, keeping you and your family in a more healthy place both physically and mentally.

Benefits to include:​

  • Easing daily physical tensions from work

  • Helping loved-ones with their aches and pains

  • Supporting your children with exam stress

  • Increasing energy levels

  • Supporting elderly or relatives

  • Minor injuries, such as sprains and strains

  • Improving sleep patterns

  • Helping settle restless babies

  • Reducing aches and pains from sports or exercise

Increase and maintain the wellbeing of your family and friends by learning one of the most effective modalities for helping relieve pain, chronic illness and improving overall health.

Certified Bowen Healthcare Therapist

instructive, inspiring & educational

Our course is the perfect introduction to the art and science of Bowen. Everyone is welcome, as no prior experience of bodywork or knowledge of anatomy is required. The course is perfect for a family member wishing to help another or if you would like to experience learning Bowen with a view to train to gain a qualification to practice professionally.


If you are not already a healthcare professional and are interested in starting a career in the healthcare industry; our Reboot Your Body workshop is your first step to become more familiar with Bowen therapy.

The workshop will cover foundation moves for a whole body treatment as well as instruction on how to treat people in different circumstances.

Bowen helps the body relax, rest and repair, this reducing pain, improving movement and posture and increasing the flow of lymph, blood and nerve signals.

The home of professional Bowen Therapy education and training in the UK

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