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taking your new founds skills further

Our Introduction to Bowen is an essential skill for anyone wishing to pursue a career as a Bowen therapist and embark on our professional Bowen training programme. 

In addition to other essential skills and web-based modules, our Core Programme is the perfect training for you to become a confident and proficient Bowen therapist.

*The cost of the Introduction to Bowen course will be deducted from the price of the CBHT training.

At Bowen College UK we don’t train you to become technicians, we train you to become therapists in the Art and Science of Bowen therapy and how the mind plays an instrumental part in health. Bowen College UK is your key to unlocking a new healing modality.

Certified Bowen Healthcare Practitioner
Caroline Bowen Tutor.jpg

Caroline Kremer - Tutor

Following on from a career in hospitality and travel, which included 14 years in the French Alps, Caroline Kremer’s  journey took a significant turn in 1996 when her husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer.


It was during this challenging period that her interest in drug-free approaches to health and well-being started to develop but it took time for her to make the leap to becoming a therapist. 

Transitioning from the ski industry, Caroline ventured into sport event management working closely with professional athletes in: cricket (England and County Cricket); golf with pro/celebrity golf tournaments and tennis with the ATP Champions tour event at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

During this time she observed the frustration professional athletes had with the slow recovery from injuries and felt compelled to seek out natural, hands-on therapies that could accelerate healing time. Caroline started with Bowen Therapy having been introduced to it by her mother, who was one of the first cohorts in the UK to be taught the technique in the early ’90’s.


Given a love for sports, Caroline’s work naturally evolved to include working with elite, professional and age-group athletes and, the effectiveness of Bowen Therapy, quickly gained recognition within the triathlon community in the UK.


Caroline has been a Bowen Therapist for 20 years, she developed the “Just Breathe” exercise in 2012 to aid athletes performance and now teaches it to all who come through her door.  She has been successful in setting up clinics in Hertfordshire, North London, Central London, Hong Kong and West Sussex and is now based in West Berkshire.  She is delighted to be part of Bowen College UK’s journey to bring Bowen Therapy into every household with the course Family and Friends - Introduction to Bowen.

"The brilliant Caroline Kremer......I go into a state of intense relaxation and when I stand up, I feel like I've grown from five foot six to six foot five. My balance is rock solid and my headache is gone. I cannot stress how extraordinary this treatment is. In a word WOW!”  Clare Bennett - Tatler UK

The home of professional Bowen Therapy education and training in the UK

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